The Community

Join the like minded group of people who seek to utilize Cygnus Network.

As a decentralized protocol, Cygnus Network relies on the contribution of all those who are willing to build it.

We invite all those who seek to develop, play, monetize their gaming time and share the vision of Cygnus Network to join in the development of the Cygnus Network Ecosystem and help in any way that they can.

Cygnus Foundation team is leading the development of the Cygnus Network, Bull Bear Bets, L2-Vendetta and Alpha Gaming. We are creating incentives to develop the Protocol’s functionalities and ecosystem through community-approved improvement proposals.

To join the Cygnus Foundation as team member, please email with your CV.

Cygnus Foundation team will be hiring and regularly conducts interviews for Smart Contract Developers, Sales, Marketing, Full Stack Developers, Operations, and Senior Management Roles.

If you would like to connect, we invite you to join our community:

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